Hội thảo Công nghệ Sharepoint Lần 1 của Vietnam SharePoint User Group

+ Thời gian: 8g – 12g, chủ nhật, ngày 13-05-2012
+ Địa điểm: Cafe Tinh Tế, 436/2G (hoặc 390/7) Đường 3 tháng 2, Phường 12, Quận 10, TP.HCM

— Chương trình —

(1) 5 easy steps for End-User.Developer.ITPros to approach SharePoint 2010 Thuan Nguyen – Hai Nguyen | MCDP, MCTS (Developing Lead – Bamboo Solutions)

“What should I do to get started with SharePoint 2010?” is one of very common questions from various IT roles spreading from .NET developer, System administrator to Project Manager, Business-related End-User. To address this question, we will let you know how to approach SharePoint 2010 quickly by 5 easy steps targeting whether technical perspective or business perspective. This topic is an open discussion.

(2) Top 5 probable reasons that make SharePoint project in Vietnam failed       Thuan Nguyen | MVP, MCITP, MCTS (SharePoint Consultant – Prism IT Services)

As a project manager who is responsible for controlling SharePoint implementation, you may be first thinking how a SharePoint implementation fails, or which reasons that make a SharePoint project failed. Thinking about that will help you likely avoid threats of a project, also have a good plan for a SharePoint project. This topic is an open discussion. He will share his viewpoints, experiences on this topic.

(3) How a Business Analyst involves in a SharePoint project                                  Minh Nguyen | MBA (Business Analyst – DiCentral)

Have you considered getting Business Analyst involved in a SharePoint project? Is Business Analyst an important role in a SharePoint project?  How do you think about translating technical language to business language which is one of tasks a Business Analyst has to do? Mr. Minh Nguyen working as senior Business Analyst for various projects provided for a variety of industries will let you know how a BA works in a SharePoint project, how to be a good SharePoint Business Analyst, and helpful tools for SharePoint Business Analyst.

+ Thông tin thêm và đăng ký tham gia miễn phí tại: http://www.vspug1.eventbrite.com

+ Góp ý, phản hồi vui lòng gửi email về vspug@live.com

— Về Vietnam SharePoint User Group —

Vietnam SharePoint User Group (VSPUG) is established to convene people locally in order to share tips, tricks, ideas and presentation on SharePoint products and technologies by organizing various ways from sharing materials, references, video to setting up offline meeting.

Everyone spreading various roles from developers, administrators to project managers, business-related end-user even those who want to know what SharePoint can benefit their business can join VSPUG, and then share how SharePoint is being used in organization, or think of what SharePoint helps business.

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